Ross Whyte

Ross Whyte is a composer based in Aberdeen, Scotland.

He is currently completing a practice-based PhD at the University of Aberdeen where his field of research is concerned with audio-visual intermedia and headphone-specific composition.

He composes for a wide variety of media which include solo and ensemble, electroacoustic, audio-visual installation, dance, theatre and film.  In 2012, he composed the score, sound design and video elements for a production of Martin McDonagh’s play The Pillowman and also created the projected video backdrop for Aberdeen Performing Arts’ large-scale production of The Cone Gatherers.

His compositional output in recent years has explored erosion through reproduction and frequently contains an underlying theme of impermanence.

He often lectures composition courses at the University of Aberdeen in Electroacoustic Music and Contemporary Musical Theatre, and also runs the University’s Balinese Gamelan Ensemble.

Ross has received several awards including the Chris Cadwur James Award for Composition, two Derek Ogston Postgraduate Scholarships and a grant from the Aberdeen Endowments Trust for a Subsequent Degree (PhD).


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